Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing around with chalk paint

I've been very busy, with painting projects lately. Besides items that I consign, I also do custom for people. 
If your not familiar with this paint, it is made to give your piece an " aged" look. They dry very quickly, and can be used in the house. You use a wax or waxes to give it a hard finish. The plus side of these products, is that you can use them on laminet furniture. 
I do believe their is an art to using these paints. I've read many things about these paints, one of the things that makes this technique work is the sanding or wet sponging after you paint, to give it a distress. Looking at some pieces, I've seen done, some people randomly put " wear" spots, that make little sense of the placement of this type of wear. So, if you decide to try to chalk paint, make sure your not random, think about the piece, what it might have been used for, then decide where it would have gotten worn by love. 

These chalk paints were both Van Gogh paints. 

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