Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Throw Away Bouquet? Weddings

A dear friend of mine, is getting married and we will be making her one of the new "trendy" broach bouquets. This is a bouquet where in her case we asked her loved ones and friends for an inexpensive piece of costume jewelry for her to compile into her bouquet.
I love this idea, and since she wants to save this after her wedding, and not to mention, it might be a little heavy and dangerous to throw, she asked me to make her a throw away bouquet. Here is her "trashy"' Bouquet!
 Since, I am who I am and I have never made a "throw away" before, I decided to compile it completely out of things people throw away. So essentially her bouquet is made of garbage!
2'' wide scrap white  fabric strips folded in half 
2"scrap silver fabric folded in half
A plastic Starbucks cold cup lid
Left over Christmas Ribbon
Hot Glue
Unfortunately before I decided to snap pictures of this process, I did not take a pic on how to assemble flower. It easy, you take your strip, fold down the end to make a triangle and wrap in a circular motion. Put a dab of glue on top of cork, and keep wrapping until you form a rose. It took me 2 strips of fabric per rose, but it will vary depending on your length of fabric. There is no wrong here!
When you have finished gluing and ruffling your fabric
you do the same with the underneath!
It should look something like this if you made 6 cork flowers



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