Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chore chart

This " chore chart" really is more of a reminder chart. Even older kids and adults, need a little help with the remembering to do something. As a parent to two boys, we are busy. I cannot rewrite a list everyday to remind my 11 year old, all his responsibilities, and my expectations for his school work. All he wants to do is run outside and play with friends. So now at a glance I can tell which things he still needs to do, and the hope is he will establish habits, he lacks currently. 
This chart is made from plastic window screen. I wanted a transparent look. I sewed pockets on, but I realized during this, I could have used ribbon and a glue gun. I used index cards and put dots on front and back. Orange means need to do. When u flip them, other side represents green means it was done  some of his cards include read 20, put soccer uniform on ( this is to hopefully prevent the rushing around, right before practice starts) and clean his guinea pigs cage. 
On the back there is an extra pocket for things that don't happen daily, like study for history test, math test etc. 

This chart will benefit me as well, I am hoping it is helpful for me to stay consistent in checking on him. 

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