Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Colors 2013 and The Wizard Of OZ


A friend and I were talking about the new up and coming colors for the 2013 spring season, and her list and my list were completely different.We had both been flipping through magazines and both read our lists to each other. So, I decided to get to the bottom of this and go to the source. If your not familiar with this company, they are the forecasters and creators of color. They are linked to all different industries including, graphic arts, decor fabrics, paints and plastics.

It's the year of emerald green! They do research on the emotions this color will bring us. It is funny, that the new Oz movie will be coming out also on March 8, 2013. Most of us enjoy the Wizard of OZ, some of us are still afraid of the flying monkeys, but I would say there is a place in our hearts for this story. So we can tie in this seasons colors with the movie so easy. It makes remembering these up and coming colors a piece of cake. Emerald Green 17-5651- Emerald City, Dorothy wore a Monoco Blue 19-3964 and white gingham dress, It was stormy Jaded Grey 14-6411, It was dusk, so we have Dusk Blue 16-4142, They traveled down the yellow brick road Lemon Zest 13-0756, The scarecrow was Linen 12-1008, Took a nappy in the poppies Poppy Red 17-1664, The Great and Powerful Oz curtain reflection, we find, Tender Shoot 14-0446, Those happy little munchkins who love to sing, who can forget their darling colorful outfits that hosts 16-1360 Nectarine and African Violet 16-3520 as well many other over the rainbow colors!

Will you be using these colors and how?

Monday, February 25, 2013