Sunday, July 28, 2013

Old Lunchbox Wreath

I try really hard to repurpose things, even when it may not be in the best shape. I was at one of my favorite stores, where I also am a designer for, and I find an adorable 1950's lunchbox. It was rusty in the inside, but I didn't care, I knew I needed to save this little guys life. So in my brain, the right thing to do was spray it to protect it from further damage and to make it into a wreath. 

I drilled four holes in the bottom and ran wire to connect to the wreath. I also made some burlap ribbon roses and sprigs that are made of vintage buttons. I added a chalkboard, so whoever ends up with it, they can write their house number, welcome, go away or whatever else they may want to say!

Get a Grip and More in Washington N.J. Is a great place to find items for your creative projects. They can also be found on EBay and Facebook. If you get a chance to visit on the web or in their location, tell Dan Ivy sent you!

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