Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to make a wine cork wreath

1 straw wreath
Ice pick, or something like this
Round toothpicks
Scrap fabric or piece of tee shirt
Approx. 200 wine corks
Glue gun
Small piece of wire, for a hanger

I have been asked several times on how to make a wine wreath. I keep my wine wreath in my dining room, all year round, and I have also made these as gifts.This is my first tutorial, so hopefully I'll make it clear!

 First the wrap hay wreath with some sort of scrap, use your glue gun to tack it into place. You want to tack it in the back of the wreath only, so when you are putting your corks on, you don't have to fight with the glue spots.Using the fabric, keeps the back looking neat and tidy.

 Take your piece of wire, and decide what will be the top of your wreath. Bring wire around, and make a small loop.This design is such that you don't see the hanger. It should be in the middle of the wreath on backside.

 Use ice pick to poke a hole in the cork, and insert toothpick. Start sticking them one by one into wreath. There is no more gluing involved in this project. You want to cluster these corks in two's and three's, and then change their direction for the next set. 

 You can see here the beginning of the row. The toothpicks help with getting the corks to go around the wreath, you can manipulate them to go on a bit of an angle as well.
 Half way done here, You can see it taking shape, it ends up being a lot wider then it started out. Once you finish covering the bottom, check your sides all around and make sure everything is covered. Adding a couple of your favorite or special occasion corks on top (like a second row) will add more interest and texture. You only need around 5 or 6.

Finished, now you can add a bow, or grapes or whatever else you may want to embellish it with! If there happens to be any loose corks on the edges, you can add dab of glue.

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